Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Day 18 and 19: On their way home!

TThe team have been dropped at Entebbe airport and are on their way home....

Thank you so much for reading the blog. We know the team can't wait to show you their own photos and share their experiences with you too.

It's been a pleasure working with Royal Russell School and we can't wait for the next team to come back to Uganda to work with Two Bridges school again!

All at Team Inspire 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Day 17: The Falls

Once again we had an early start today but we were all looking forward to seeing Murchison Falls.

After an hours drive we arrived and were greeted by a guide. We then embarked on a hike up to different viewpoints of Murchison falls which was very beautiful. We also got the chance to climb over a rather uneven path to get next to the falls which was a once in a lifetime experience.

We then had a long car journey back to Papaya, our first home of the trip, where we had our final meal consisting of a delicious bbq and a final review of the trip. 

We are now all ready for a restful nights sleep ready for our mammoth flight home tomorrow.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Day 16: Safari Day 2

Today was an early start to embark on our safari adventure! We were extremely lucky to be able to see 'the big 5' (lions, buffalo, leopards, elephants and rhinos) along with loads of giraffes, antelope, hyenas and exotic birds, it was very exciting! 

We then returned to our campsite for a lovely lunch, where most people chose a beef burger which was definitely a treat after our 2 weeks of a mostly vegetarian diet. 

After lunch, we took a boat safari on the river Nile where we saw crocodiles, hippos, more elephants and other exotic wild life. It was very fun until we had a close encounter with a 5 meter crocodile, which some of us thought was fake but were corrected when we made it jump! 

We were all very brave apart from Mr Rocca who flew from his seat and hid in the corner of the boat, letting out some profanities that I cannot repeat, however it was absolutely hilarious and a personal highlight of the trip. 

We then went up stream to Murchison Falls where we saw the most breathtaking waterfall. After taking photos we travelled back down the river where we were sadly caught in a rather vicious African storm which left us all freezing, but it was definitely a memorable experience! 

Overall it has been a very special, unforgettable day full of laughter and memories. We have all pretty much recovered from the emotions of the last day on project site, however I still haven't managed to bring myself to look at any of the pictures of the children on my camera! We are also really excited to see you all on Wednesday and are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a hectic 2 weeks. 

By Lucy. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Day 15: Rhinos!

After an early departure and more farewells  we set off on the long journey to Murchison Falls. 

On the way we stopped off at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and got very close to four rhinos. 

We finally arrived at Red Chile rest camp in Murchison Falls at 5.30. It overlooks the river Nile and apparently you trip over Hippos and Wart hogs if you go to the loo in the middle of the night! 

Everyone enjoyed the food as it was a bit more  English than Ugandan.  Tomorrow is an early start. We  need to get the ferry across the Nile at 7.00am in order to do the game drive. It's great to see everyone in such good spirits and eating healthily. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Day 14: Last day... And chickens!

So today was an emotional rollercoster to say the least, filled with laughter, celebration and many, many tears. 

With a full day of performances and speeches, one of which Alannah and Lucy delivered amazingly as they both did so well to hold back the emotions to the audience. 

Saying goodbye to so many friends was the hardest thing to do. Heartbreaking moments seeing children burst in to an hysterical cry, no one could hold back the tears. However we all know that contacts have been exchanged with the children and that we'll keep in contact with people. 

Oh and in the morning, Ben, Jess and Iyanla killed chickens with their bare hands for our dinner that evening. 

Thanks guys, it was good. 

By Isla 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Day 13: Nearly there

The team have been working exceptionally hard today to get the classrooms finished before the last day on site tomorrow. It's been a pretty hectic day and so they have asked if they can send their blog tomorrow instead.

Meanwhile some piccies for you tonight!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Day 12: Painting and Poetry!

Today we carried on with our project work and teaching the kids English. 

This morning Isla had to get up to cook us a delicious breakfast of cake and bread. We then went to the school to teach the kids and at 10.30 half the group went back to their poetry or dancing while the others began to paint but instead of painting the outside they started painting the inside of the classroom. 

After lunch Jess, Luc, Lucy, Georgie, Bogdan and Alex J continued to paint the insides of the classrooms white. 

Meanwhile Alex H and Skyla drew pictures on the walls and made a banner for the celebration on Friday.

The team were so dedicated to finishing the project today, that some even stayed behind till 6 to complete as much painting as possible. This included Alex J, Skyla, Lucy, Luc, Alannah , Jess and Alex H!  

However, the dreaded fresh water carry could not be neglected. The day finished with us all very tired!

Alex H, Jess and Alex J

Isla- "I'm glad everyone is well and happy, miss you all loads. I've read all of your comments and I'm very grateful for them. Can't wait to see you to tell you everything about it and hear what you've been up to too. Thank you Lucy, the Edwards and Mel for your comments too, lots of love Isla" x x x x x 

Jess- "Having a great time here, it's gonna be really hard leaving the kids on Saturday for safari I've got so attached to them and don't wanna leave them. Love you guys lots and miss the dogs a lot, saw someone pick up a puppy by the back legs today and it made me feel horrible and miss the dogs here. I don't know what your talking about with the bugs, I'm basically the bug exterminator here and still don't have a single mozy bite so all is good. Love you and Adam lots and thank you for the comments, Auntie Rosie as well it's cool to see you are following as well."

Alannah - Tell Freddie I miss him more and peestain the penguin is fine, love you all xxx